This website is not an official site of the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate. It is an adjunct of St Luke's Priory, a non-profit entity incorporated in the state of Washington. The Priory is composed of Orthodox and other Christians, clerical and lay. It is devoted to the fostering and study of Western Rite Orthodoxy. It uses as a base the Western Rite as authorized for use in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America and the Western Rite Vicariate. We offer resources in all areas of Western Rite Orthodoxy such as liturgics, music, chant, suggested readings, Benedictine spirituality, history, and theology. We espouse the totality of theologically corrected Western Rite liturgics, Para-liturgical services, sacramental and popular customs. We do not see Antiochian Western Rite Orthodoxy as minimalistic, or museum piece adjunct, or slightly aberrant form of Byzantine Orthodoxy.

Another adjunct of St. Luke's Priory is St. Luke's Priory Press which was formed to supply printed material, particularly liturgical materials, for members of the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese in the early 1960's. The purpose of the Press was to present uniform, canonical publications in line with the Standards of the Vicariate.

The Press was incorporated and originally included Father's Edward Hughes, George Morelli and Father David Lynch who joined later. The first major project's of the Press were the English Office published in 1989, the Orthodox Ritual in 1993 and the Black Pew Missal in 1995. There is a long list of small ritual notes arranged and published by the late Archpriest Alexander Turner when he was Vicar General. The project was designed to be an independent publishing venture. Early in 2009 the Press was transferred from Stanton, NJ to a continuing corporation formed by Father Bernard Kinnick and located in Spokane, WA..


The small icon of the winged Ox see in the upper left-hand corner is the trademark Icon of St. Luke's Priory Press.

The website Icon of St. Luke is taken from the Gospel Book of Otto III, produced by the German Reichau school. This manuscript depicts the enthroned figure of St. Luke in a state of religious ecstasy. The saint supports a host of Jewish prophets and heavenly messengers; books from the Old Testament are stacked in his lap. Above his head is his symbol, the ox. The unnatural color combinations and placement of the figures suggest a mystical meaning. State Library, Munich. Ca. 1000. Permission to use this Icon on this website has been solicited from Vielen Dank für Ihre Frage an die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Frage, the state library in Munich on September 15, 2009.

According to Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition, the inscription in Latin found on the bottom of the Icon reads: "Fonte patrum ductas bos agnis elicit undas", meaning, "From the 'fount' of the fathers, the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament, the ox brings forth a flow of waters for the lambs."


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